Why tinefcon

tinefcon is better than existing biologics. tinefcon is from a great source of phyto medicine and is having superior mode of action as it acts on T cells and blocks NF-k RECEPTOR and down regulates TNF alpha and interleukins.

tinefcon is having minimal side effects and that too in the first month of treatment only, whereas biologics are showing long term side effects. Rout of administrations is oral and topical in tinefcon as compaired to existing biologics which is IV, IM, and SC. tinefcon is economical as compaired to existing biologics.

tinefcon when administered for 3 months to patients shows complete remission and don’t show the relapse to a greater extent. Other biologics shows very high side effects than tinefcon. tinefcon is clinically validated, proven efficacy in patients with moderate to severe psoriasis. tinefcon is an innovative product with grant of patents in 11 countries / regions including US, Europe, China, India, Eurasia etc.